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I will tell you this. The first have of my building was suspension. I did sways and coils and walk etc, getting it to a point I wanted for turn feel. I was stock tune for the longest time because for me, I wanted to feel the car progress in the lateral motion before going fast. My end goal has always been about 400hp or less because of motor building so I never wanted a very powerful fwd car. The lsd is definitely top 5 mods I did to this car. For me, this thing was the perfect blend of snow car, dd, nice interior, with ok twisty ability. It is just this year really that I have cared about fast per say with the k04 swap. 300hp in this car feels great. I think if they sold a non awd golf r from the factory, it may be popular actually. At the end of the day, this car is a perfect fit for me. Not to say I'll never end up in a rwd monster. But I dated this car and slowly fell for it. My wife jokes its my other wife lol. Yeah that mod total is definitely like 12k+ which is alot. But I'm still sub 50k total for this car so I'm pleased in that regard. The gti for me is a good well rounded balance of style, performance, and comfort.
I should mention it was the first car I've owned from the beginning.
Thinking about other cars is natural. I know I do it every day. So I ask you, if money isn't an option, what do you want out of your car? DD, sleeper power, reasonable looks. Then only once you got that you can decide to switch or not.
Now considering money, nothing like a paid off car man.

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Superior interior is like 500hp at the wheels doe
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