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Originally Posted by SnailPower View Post
Except you are in a better position than a higher percentage on this forum that probably do not have their car paid off and are modding it. The risk is greater where an unexpected repair might arise along with that monthly payment that is always expected to fly.

Having it paid off gives you a tad more freedom with the money to take some more chances/risks with modding. Where before you might be dropping $500 a month for the monthly payment, now you might drop $500 or less one month on an unexpected repair that came up.

I'll tell you, if you are coming from Evo world, you won't get the same power feeling really going Stg1 or 2 even, you will require a K04. If you aren't looking for just nutty power, Stg1 or 2 might be enough to quench your thirst. I had APR Stage 1 for a bit more than a year with absolutely no additional hardware... not even an intake. I was happy with it.

Then APR goes an releases new files that increase the torque over 300 even with Stage1 but requires the intake. I'm like, well crap, if the intake is in, I only need a DP and I can switch to the Stg2 file which also had an impressive boost, with the torque nearly up to 350. I think Stg2 was the ultimately the last straw of what my stock turbo was able to handle and here I am with a shot turbo and K04, but the year that I had Stg2 prior to the turbo going, it was fun. Definitely enjoyable on the highway. Just don't get an overly loud exhaust because it isn't worth that type of attention. Your just about in the high 13s with Stg2.
I like the Unitronic stuff. I like being able to do things myself, though since I hurt my back, I cant turn wrenches like I used to. I realize APR does net higher gains, but Unitronic just has a more DIY type of tuning and I like that. If I do pull the trigger, it will probably be for Stage II with a Downpipe I will even keep the OEM air box but drop in an AEM filter in it. Then put on a unitronic I/C and call it a day. Figure that wouldn't cost too much and would net the most reliable long term power on street and part time track. Then could invest in some suspension work, like coil overs and such. I am just thinking to do this? Or sell and get a used Evo for track use primarily, because a stock Evo 8/9/10 would be better on track overall than even a slightly modified GTI. Or even a mildly modified one. Especially if they have cooling issues on track modded.

Thanks for your posts, appreciate your input and understanding..


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