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gdub's GTI

Hey guys! This is my first build thread I've done. I wanted to do one to help document what I've done to my car and because who doesn't like a build thread? Just a bit of car history, it started with my 2000 Civic and grew from there. After messing with Honda's, I got into VW's and the rest is history. He's some random pics of my car.

IMG_1560 by daddyshaq

My MK5 GTI with my buddy's R32. The height difference was so unreal. We ran over a pine cone in the R32 & it hit his skid plate. We couldn't help but laugh
Snapchat-415490866 by daddyshaq

Both cars together before the 5 was taken
Snapchat-479870798 by daddyshaq

IMG_20170724_084651_400 by daddyshaq

20170805232215_IMG_0953 by daddyshaq

Exhaust & coilover install photos
IMG_20170806_222449_276 by daddyshaq

Snapchat-15019559 by daddyshaq

Before. Front 26 1/2. Rear 26 1/4
20170830104742_IMG_1330 by daddyshaq

20170830104859_IMG_1334 by daddyshaq

After. Front 24 1/2. Rear 24 1/2
20170830132429_IMG_1336 by daddyshaq

20170830132438_IMG_1337 by daddyshaq

As she sits of now. I need to get new wheels or get these refinished cause 3 out of 4 of these are destroyed.
IMG_20170831_155930_482 by daddyshaq

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