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Originally Posted by barnes93cb View Post
The boost is fun. but its just a whole additional mess to deal with on the track. I suggest just building the best NA car you can. And once you get some miles under your belt with the car go ahead and motor swap it. While I was at Gridlife at road atlanta there were 10 track miatas. And zero of them were boosted if that tells you something. These cars are hard to keep cold and stop from overheating. But theyre a blast to drive. An LS swap isnt actually too heavy and they can be found for a decent price. I would suggest that over boost for a track car. If you were to share it as a DD and light track I say boost. Its more fun day to day. But overall less reliable.

Im actually about to get rods for the car. I believe my oil pump went. And that means I need to pull the motor. Might as well beef it up while im in there.
Yeah, I have heard that it is difficult to build a reliable boosted miata for the track, but as of now I'm willing to give it a try. I will definitely be building it up in NA form first and eventually doing boost later. Another option would be to do an LFX swap as its lighter and cheaper than an LS swap, but still good for 300whp which would be insane on a miata. Time will tell, I still need to wrap up a few projects on the Jeep, get it sold, and buy a miata before I can even get started, haha
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