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Originally Posted by thewalkingdad View Post
I did some of this a while back, but haven't gotten around to posting.

I attended the 034 Motorsports Summerfest again. This time I decided to jump on the dyno. It was in the mid-90s when I hoped on. It is their heartbreaker of a Mustang Dyno. Overall, I was pretty happy with the numbers. The pulls were nice and consistent.

I was also able to get $100 off their DSG tune. So I bought that. The normal D mode feels much sportier. It feels like a good mix between stock D and S mode. It feels more how the car should have felt rolling off the line. Perhaps my favorite feature is I can see what gear I'm in while in D or S modes.

That being said, after I had my DSG service (pre-DSG tune), I started to get a weird jerking when going from a dead stop to applying gas. It did it almost every time I let off the gas. Now that I had the DSG tune, it does it maybe a 25% of the time. Not exactly sure what is causing it. It makes me nervous for whenever I want to launch my car.

Also, driving home last night I blew a coil pack. I was doing fairly normal freeway driving and felt a sudden loss of power. The motor got loud and started to vibrate a lot. It felt OK over 40mph. But slowing down and coming from a stop was rough. The engine light flashed and the EPC light turned on. I was about 2 miles from home, so I limped it there and pulled the codes. It said I had a cylinder 3 misfire. Did some research and found other people with the same exact symptoms and their problem was a blown coil pack. Thankfully, with Amazon Prime I was able to get a new one within 12 hours. Swapped out the old one for the new one, reset the lights and now the car is running like a champ. I also bought a full set of four. I'm going to swap out all of the old ones and keep a spare in my car.

Lastly, ever since the coilover install, I've had a pretty nasty subframe clunk that has gotten progressively worse. It isn't horrible, but it's making me want to do some subframe work for me next mod. I just really don't want to redo my alignment since I just did it a few months ago. I hate paying for that. I might also wait and do a FSB since I'll have the subframe off.

Going through some issues as a result of fixing a clunk. Do you know for sure there is no pre-load on your sway bars after the coils settled? That could also lead to a clunk.

I got the clunk assumed it was my subframe, and took the opportunity to install my AL LCAs poly bushings and new solid subframe mounts with a collar kit and the local shop can't get it aligned properly[emoji107] I'm actually dropping it off to a performance alignment shop this afternoon to get it sorted out.

I'm sure that I'm likely the cause of issue here since I do work myself until something goes wrong beyond my ability to correct it lol so just wanted to share in case you hadn't considered the sway bars as the clunk you're hearing. Before you tear into a subframe job that could turn into a bigger job than you anticipate. Of course like most people you may do it and have no issues :-)

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