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Today I installed 16 inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport AS3 Tires on the Golf (but not on light weight wheels) and took it for Rip around the hwy ramps.

BTW I destroyed one of the new 15 inch front tires at Roebling Road in August, chasing some BMW and Porsche friends and had to drive back to Toronto on the spare, 17 hours of the steering.

205-55-16 Pilot Sport AS3 supposed to be all season compound but great tire construction, you can feel the pedigree in the construction of the tire carcass compared to the stock size 15 inch sh!t tires I've been running. The Michelin Pilot Sports does everything really well, great cornering performance with minimal slip angles so less scrub. I'm dying to arrange another trackday to see what these puppies can do but we'll see,... too much going on right now!

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