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Stage 1 tune for APR/Unitronic/Revo/Cobb would be a good start. BUT! be warned that usually when going stage 1 software your stock coilpacks tend to go (replace with audi R8, red top, coil packs) and if you are a manual 6-speed (not DSG) driver then your clutch may begin to slip. Its hit or miss with the clutch but when I went stage 1... a week later mine slipped. Others have gone 40k+ miles without it slipping. If you are a manual owner and want more performance... start to save for a new clutch; you will need it. Could grab a cold air intake as well but it is not required for stage 1 tune.

Your is a 2014 so your timing chain tensioner is probably the new revision which is good. The intake manifolds tend to break and are covered under warranty till 120k miles I believe. Water pump also tends to go, mine was covered by a recall and replaced free of charge.

Be on the lookout for a carbon cleaning, not sure how many miles you have but direct injection engines tends to need a good carbon cleaning on the intake valves after a lot of miles.
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