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DKM twin disk clutch review

I have a stage 2+ golf r. My clutch started to slip as most do. I ended up getting a fx400 as a replacement. It wasn't horrible to daily drive but it had a good shudder if you tried to slip it in traffic. Well after many hard launches and track days some flywheel bolts sheared in the crank and others backed out. I didn't want to get another fx400 because I have to sit in NYC traffic daily. I got in contact with DKM clutch and they talked about a twin disk that would do everything I wanted. I have heard nothing but horror stories from people trying to drive twin disks on the street but was told that it would feel like stock and be able to be slipped and driven as it was stock but also bite hard and be capable of holding 600lbs of torque. I was skeptical but said I would try it out. When the clutch arrived it really was a beautiful piece. It comes assembled beside the pressure plate. Once bolted to the motor and trans re installed I bled everything and went to take it for a drive. The pedal was not much more then stock. It felt smooth and easy to push in but had a nice feel that it wanted to release and push the pedal
Back up. I expected to put it in reverse and stall or have the car buck as I went to pull out. Instead it was smooth with no unnecessary revving or slipping. No shuddering or anything like that. It really did engage like stock. I was very pleased driving it around breaking it in. Daily driving is just like stock. You can slip it all day and not have any shudder. It is dead silent as well. No chainsaw noises and clutch "chatter" like I had with the clutchmasters. I like to take my car to the track and do 1/4 mile races. After it was broken in I did some test launches using launch control. The clutch never slipped and launches hard. I've put over 200 launches on this clutch since installing it and many miles driving to and from work. It still grabs amazing and has never slipped. I'm very happy with this clutch and know that many people haven't heard of this company but they are awsome to deal with. I know clutches are a big problem with these cars and I figured you guys would like to know of another option available for our cars that can do everything most of us would need. Any questions just ask.

organic twin disc
Part number MS-034-062

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