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Originally Posted by SpeedyCorky View Post
2012 Golf-R.
APR stageII tune
BB DP and muffler, VWR intake
already swapped the N75 valve, and install the DV+ BOV

under WOT engine boosts to 23~ psi, for maybe 2000rpm of acceleration, then suddenly boost drops to 10psi, sometimes creeps as low as 5psi. tends to happen easier in 2nd or 3rd gear

Seems to hold proper boost in higher gears; except sometimes under WOT it will get to 23psi, hold for a second, then goes higher (between 23 and 25psi) and 'flutter' or 'shutter'. it doesnt feel real great so at that point i let off before something breaks

I *think* the new N75 valve, temporally solved this problem, but literally for less than 50 miles, maybe a handful of acceleration runs - before it started doing it again. anyone heard of a symptom that would cause a N75 valve to break?

this is my first turbo car; it is supposed to do this possibly?

Honestly your best bet is to invest in a VCDS module and log your pulls. It will tell you exactly whats going on which can lead to a more accurate diagnosis

It's a very good investment...every VW owner should have one.

Just my .02
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