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Lucky you Hella, you are still under warranty for that job. I guess I was lucky to make it to 70K for my leak at the pump. There is always a reason for things to fail. So, I did some research for the coolant mixture ratio to see what its all about. I live in a warm climate so people don't pay that much attention with the coolant ratio, all they know is the boiling point, its under pressure so the boil point is higher. When I speak to the Service Writer about it, he says to just use it straight (Wrong). By reading the repair manual that is incorrect thinking. The correct mixture ratio prevents freezing and corrosion & calcium deposits (Hence damage to seals, parts & leaks) and the boiling point will be raised. Because of its higher boiling point, the coolant contributes to engine reliability under heavy engine loads, particularly in countries with tropical climates. So, don't let these mechanic and service writes fling-flang you into believing coolant ratios is not necessary.
Warm climates 50% coolant, and for colder climates 40% (its good to -13 deg) Hope I got it right.
Hope this was helpful
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