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Originally Posted by gavinfla View Post
I never saw any engine code for my leak, it was detected while they were investigating a oil leak coming from the rear engine seal and they did a pressure test to see if it held pleasure for (I think as a rule 2 minutes) Frankly I never saw any lost of coolant or codes or low warn lights.

Thanks jettaglis for the offer to check for cbfa engine code
What I was referring to was the engine code cbfa had the recall for the water pumps not on the ccta engine codes though. A lot of time the water pump leaks occurs from oil collecting at the centering dowel at the top of the water pump. The cam cage leaks perfectly into it, swelling the seal causing the leak- I've even seen the water pumps cracked in that location as a result. If you had an oil leak from the rear main or wherever I would though a new pcv valve on there even if it checks ok.
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