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Cabin rattle on cold starts after Unitronic DP + MF catback install

Recently installed a Unitronic downpipe and Magnaflow cat-back on my GTI. It's an amazing improvement, except for one small thing. During the cold start cycle (holding at 1200 rpms for one min), I am noticing a new rattle that sounds like it is emanating from behind the dash/center console area. The rattle sounds like it's a piece of plastic resonating with the vibration from the new exhaust. It's an intermittent rattle, with no particular pattern. Once the revs drop down to idle, the rattle goes away. Nothing is heard under load, cruising, or any other time beside that initial minute on cold start. Potential causes I've eliminated:

- Loose battery cover (secured)
- Soundaktor plug (secured)
- E-brake button (not vibrating)
- Fuel line rattle (although I haven't secured the fuel lines, I can hear this as a separate rattle only after the car is at operating temp)

Any idea where/how to hunt this gremlin down? I'm hoping I don't have to dive into The Black Lodge behind my dash or anything.
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