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Car won't start with new coil packs?

Already posted this in the 2.5l specific section but turned up few results so I figured I'd repost it here...

Car is a 2012 Golf 2.5l. Going back to last year, the car developed a misfire across all cylinders and eventually died on the highway. Engine would crank but not start. New coil packs were installed and problem was solved.

A few months ago, car developed a very similar misfire. (Slight misfires noticed at idle, heavy stumbling under medium/heavy acceleration, between 2500-4500rpm.) I installed another new set of coil packs and the engine will crank all day long but won't start. Crank position sensor was replaced, spark plugs were replaced, even tried two other sets of coil packs and nothing will work. The strangest part is that when I reinstall the old burned up coil packs, the car will start up just fine, it will just continue running with the random misfire. At this point I know it's just a matter of time before the coil packs actually fail and I'm left on the side of the highway again. I know the new coils shouldn't be the problem because I've tried them in two other 2.5l's and both cars started up just fine.

I've talked to a number of VW service centers, fellow enthusiasts, and even put a call in to VW America and NOBODY has an answer. If anyone has any idea why the car will run will the old coil packs but won't start with brand new OEM coils it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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