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Originally Posted by TSI_mr.niceguy View Post
Throw out bearing...

And the problem with BFI is there are no decent reviews. Every one that exists is like "yeah bro had dis clutch fo 1200 miles yo its perfect no issues u should go 2 buy it right now" but no long term reviews. Like i don't give a shit if your clutch lasted a thousand miles. Congrats. And then they never follow up with how it held up long term. Lol.

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Just passing through, but I've had the Stage1 BFI kit for about 30k miles now. Car is Stage 1 Revo tuned, but stock otherwise.

Clutch holds strong, never had any signs of slipping. Pedal feel is really firm compared to stock. I dont care for it. Much stiffer than I'd expect on a stage 1, especially since they only advertise it supporting up to 290tq. The SMF is definitely loud as crap, but everyone knows that. I cant tell a difference between rev speed on this lightened SMF vs the DMF, and revs still hang forever.

However - in the last 5k miles or so, I'm occasionally getting a squeak on clutch release. Not sure if it's the release bearing or what.

I havent driven other MK6's with other clutches, but compared to other 'stage1' clutches I've driven, I dont like this one. The pedal is just too stiff for what it is and it's really takes some effort to drive it smoothly.
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