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Originally Posted by Dans GTI View Post
After doing my carbon cleaning, i put the injector seals on without the tool.

But after the cleaning i've developed a random misfire, its only happened 3 times now in the past 7 months. But still. Could be fuel injector related, i have no idea.

For the peace of mind i recommend you do it the right way.
I had 3 injectors that came out with the manifold. I tried to replace the seals without the tool and had at least 1 fuel leak if not 2. I am guessing I would've had better luck not trying to replace the seals.

So I had to do the whole process all over again the next weekend. If you are going to replace the seals, I recommend getting the tool. My brother will need the cleaning done on his CC coming up and I told him he can borrow the tool for $40, so I will make some of my money back.

Also, I did not use media, and didn't get nearly as clean as the images above. I did get large chunks out and the stems are very clean, but the backside of the valves still has probably a 1/16" or so thick layer of crusted stuff on it. Even with that, it was a noticeable, I think, improvement.
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