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The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

Originally Posted by SELA_MK6GTI View Post
I use to have the same issue after a while but it was with another tune. What I learned/figured out is that when your car starts acting up and surging you just have to reset/clear the codes with the obd II scanner even if you don't have any codes. It's like a way of "resetting" the ecu sort of speak and it should return your car back to normal levels. That's in case it's not a coil pack issue or something else. You're car should run full power and boost without surging afterwards and you'll be happy lol that's probably what I.e. Is going to do anyways, they're probably just going to reflash your ecu but you could just erase the codes with a scanner and it should be fine

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Iíve cleared it already and coil packs are R8 with iridium plugs all brand new. And I have no I idea if boost is fluctuating it feels like even power delivery through out. Have a guy running logs on this. The only symptom as of now is a surging noise. I also don't want to get screwed by IE by them saying it's normal when I know it's not.

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