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Originally Posted by Madhav View Post

Will the protuners be able to customise and modify the TCU tune to suit the ROW market like they currently can with the ECU tune?

Reason I ask is I am about to install a K04 hybrid setup on my Mk6 GTi and then tune via a protuner but obviously the setup wonít work without a proper TCU tune (ie if we increase the boost the programmed torque limit will ruin it all)

So basically Iím holding off until the Cobb TCU tune is complete. However if the protuners canít modify it to work with the ROW like they can with the ECU tunes and we will have to wait for proper ROW support by Cobb (months...years?) then I will just go ahead and get a TCU tune with another company and stop holding off..

I'm in the same boat. I'd love an explanation as to why ROW cars are different to USA cars? I know our engine code is CCZB which gives us 10hp more when stock, but what physical / software difference is there? Stratified had to do quite allot of revisions on my tune to sort out strange waste gate behaviour and part throttle surging which they don't see on USA cars.
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