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Originally Posted by jorlay View Post
Thanks for the help guys!

He'll be keeping an eye on the oil level from now on, just hope no damage was done.

I'm pretty sure it's burning oil, I went over to check his parking area and under the hood I don't really see any oil residue. He said his mechanic didn't find anything out of the ordinary under the car during his oil change (except for the low oil of course).

As far as damage, if this is a one time occurrence it is doubtful anything really bad happened. If he/she lets their car run this low on oil regularly, bad things WILL happen. But for now, there is not sense going on a wild goose chase to locate a problem that likely isn't there. Just pay attention to the car and monitor it.

It likely isn't burning oil per se. It is most likely minor seepage from here or there and blow-by. Lots of folks have issues with the PCV failing and having the rear main seal go out. Most of us will have oil in our intake/charge pipes.
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