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Originally Posted by hack-man162 View Post
First of all I apologize in advance. This post may go all over the place...

2010 DSG, all stock, 94K miles.

I've been getting an P0299 code for a while. If I drive mellow and don't get into the boost, it eventually goes away. Or if I clear it, and drive mellow, the CEL stays off. My DV has already been replaced and is the plunger type. I got under the car this weekend to have a look, and verify the DV hasn't come loose. That was all good. Also, checked various plumbing for any bad connections, and all looks good.

I had called the dealer awhile back and asked them about smoke testing, and the service advisor told me "100%, the turbo is bad". So I stopped by a local indy and he said with my mileage (94K miles) that the turbo is probably bad. But reading the forums, I get the feeling that may not be true. I don't drive my car hard very often, and perform oil changes around 7500 miles with Liquimoly and OEM filters.

When I was looking at the DV, I did notice an oil film coming from above it. I couldn't quite see the source, but it is near the turbo. My oil level has never fluctuated though, and there was not enough to cause any drips in the garage. I have heard that when these turbos do go bad, it is the wastegate area? Could that be where the leak is coming from, and indeed the turbo is bad? I couldn't see the waste gate mechanism, so hard to tell.

Lastly, if the turbo is bad, what route should I take? The K04 is intriguing, but do to life changes, I may be tracking this car soon, and I have read (in the Track forum) that stock, or stage 1 might be better for that. It's looks like it's $1600-ish for a new K03 and install, versus close to double that going K04. Opinions?


One last thing, if anyone has a solid recommend for a shop in Austin area, please let me know.
You might have to look through the whole turbo assembly and see if a hose came loose like mine did

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