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For update:

Installed 4 new redtop coil packs and 4 new spark plugs. Found very little solid oil on my old coils and spark plugs. What is the reason for this? I'd say it's better but might still have misfire(vibration) in cold start.

Ordered a Go Fast Bits T9351 dv. Try to place this and see what happens.

Found a post :

I have a 2011 GTI with 92k miles on it. I noticed the car idled rough on warmup only (fast idle) but I was not getting any CEL. I installed the APR Stage 2 tune (with 4 programs) and that's when I started getting the CEL on warmup only. The codes weren't consistent regarding which cylinders the misfires were occurring. After warmup if I cleared the codes they would not again reappear while I drive the car (only at the next time I warmed the car up).

I replaced the plugs and coils and the issue did not resolve (which I expected due to the misfires affecting all cylinders) . Also, the codes appeared irregardless of which program I ran (Stock, 91, 93).

I just cleaned the carbon from my valves and now everything is perfect. The only other variable is that in the process of cleaning my valves I also replaced my intake manifold (since replacements are readily available and not too expensive) it was either the carbon build up or the runner motor in the intake which was the issue.


It seems we have same issue here but I got my engine cleaned 6 months ago. And he cleaned the valves. What are these valves?

Thanks guys.
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