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Originally Posted by LightningRhod View Post
Just thought I'd do a quick update here, sitting at 173k miles

- Got my timing chain tensioner replaced recently as preventative maintenance a few months ago. Heard some rattling on start up back in Dec 2016, so decided to get it done finally.

- AWE boost hose failed earlier in the year. Audible "wheezing" sound was noticed under the hood after the engine was warmed up. Noticed the boost hose was collapsed which caused the wheezing sound, but no loss in power or anything from that. Replaced the hose since it was a cheap and easy fix.

- Replaced my Continental DWS tires (100k miles or so on them) with Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+. Really like the tires, as they provide comparable grip to my previous track tires (Dunlop Star Specs), but are smooth and quiet for a daily.

- Intake manifold was replaced earlier this year (again) after getting a P2015 engine code. So I'm now on my third intake manifold.

That's pretty much all the major things going on with the car. Trying to get back to Laguna Seca, so I'm aiming for March as a bday gift to myself .
Might join u in March!
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