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Another Front End Sound :/

Ok so forgive me if this ends up being something thatís been covered a million times but itís new for me and Iím not sure what it is yet so idk where to post.

Iím experiencing a cranking noise under the driver seat/center console only after a complete stop and lightly pressing the gas into first. After I start to roll and it ďcranksĒ I donít hear it until the next complete stop. Not every stop either. I donít think temperature matters and is not exhaust related. If I had to guess it sounds like subframe area. Hoping itís not DSG related. Iíll cry. Iíve yet to check tightness on necessary subframe hardware so thatís tbt. The car just hit 60k. Stage 2 COBB.

Iíll try and get a video soon but itís very unpredictable and unless it gets worse I wonít know when to record.

Any help would be greatly appreciated![emoji1360]
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