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Originally Posted by GTIKage View Post
If this is not the correct place, let me know; but I am going to start this from the "Other End", as it were.

I have a 2010 [Stock] GTI w/133,000 miles on it. (Bought used this past May) Drive it combo city/highway about 35 min each way to work & back. No obvious symptoms of carbon buildup issues yet. Car runs great. Almost can't tell it's running when at idle. Accelerates smoothly.

I have been noticing quite a bit of carbon buildup on the tailpipes. Comes off on your finger, so it's fresh. Does this indicate anything related to the original topic of this thread? I run 93 octane. Run Top Tier every 4th fill up, and try to do a carbon cleaning run every month or so. No oil burning at all. Looks clean, too. The tailpipe thing is puzzling. It's not a diesel...

I am told this is "normal" for a GTI. Is it really? (Price we pay for DI & the quality of the "gas" we buy?)

Could it be style of driving? I have noticed more of a tailpipe build-up since I started letting the DSG do all the heavy work of shifting, instead of using manual-mode. My overall mileage is up; but am I sabotaging myself for carbon buildup at the intake valves, and the tailpipe buildup is just an indication of that?

Or may this be related to the chain tensioner failure I had 3500 miles ago, and the bad chain cover seal that puked oil for quite a while before I caught it? Could that cause a carbon buildup at the tailpipes? I lost some 2 quarts of oil in ~800 miles before I caught the leak, but almost nothing ended up on the ground. (Not sure where it went, unless on the windscreen of the poor guy driving behind me?)

Anyway - I'm wondering what kind of an issue it might (or might not) be.


The carbon build up is normal with DI engines. Hopefully at that mileage you already had at least one carbon cleaning. From what it seems that driving manual mode or “drive” mode carbon build up is inevitable. Catch cans and meth injection help slow it down.

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