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In general, don't skimp on maintenance with this thing. If you want the car to last a long time, you'll need to know your car better than the average consumer:

- You may be due for a carbon cleaning since your at 79k. My car finally threw a code at 117k for dirty intake valves, but other forum members have reported having this problem at much lower mileage.

- Check if you have the old style chain tensioner (there's a lot of resources/threads on this site on how to do that). Labor is a bit expensive to get it updated to the new part , but worth the piece of mind IMO.

- Intake manifold warranty was extended to 10 yrs/120k miles I think? Not sure if that warranty is transferable since you bought it used, but just something to make note of if yours fails.

Is this a higher maintenance vehicle? YES. But I'll tell you this much. A Toyota Corolla never put a smile on my face as much as the GTI does every day
Turbos ain't cheap and EVERYTHING has a turbo nowadays.

Thanks for the heads-up on the carbon cleaning. What's the average price for that?
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