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So I've been k04 tuned by Mabotech for a few weeks now. I like the combination of timing and boost. Good driveability. Still can get over 350 miles per tank. Has been an overall great experience working with Frank on eurodyne software.

After much consideration, what's next for me is w/m, followed by engine rods, and a conversion to run high ethanol content.
Mods within the next year:
Snow performance stg2 meth with dual nozzles
IE drop in rods

Edit: no longer going pure e85 route.
E85 lpfp, aem ethanol sensor, torque bytes lpfp controller, and opel zz injectors

Hypothesizing a k04 maximizing build. A lot of work to do. And that should be it.

Edit 10/23/17
Had a lot of discussion with the guys. Based on what I am trying to do, they think its best I just turbo swap.
Be on the lookout for my k04 to go on sale probably next year. I'm eyeing a gtx kit. Still need rods, may not need fueling though at all.

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Superior interior is like 500hp at the wheels doe

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