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My buddy finally picked up a 2015 (i think?) 9th gen accord coupe v6 manual. We did a quick highway pull... I was either in 3rd or 4th gear and we floored it. The accord kept right up, neck and neck the whole way. Neither of us really pulled, just remained steady. I shifted and then so did he and thats when I immediately pulled ahead... I actually let off and hit the brakes to just stay lined up; wasn't a serious race.

Those V6 accord coupes are quick, he was 100% stock too. The thing that is killing him is the shifting. The accords and civics just don't like to shift quick. Apparently they have a delay valve that prevents you from shifting quick... i guess to prevent transmission damage. But forcing the shift with this delay valve will cause you to slip the clutch... and eventually will ruin the clutch. So he definitely needs to remove that before he can truly shift fast.

Just surprised that the accord hung with me so well for 1 gear. Cool story, I know...
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