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Originally Posted by kerp View Post
My '12 (CCTA) pumped failed a couple weeks ago. In the middle of classes so really had no time to DIY, unfortunately. Dropped it at mechanic, who has serviced my family's cars for decades. Not concerned about him trying to rip me off, I didn't get a quote until I had already dropped the car off.

I got a phone call around 1:30, after dropping the car off at 8:15. My jaw dropped when he told me. I called back 20 minutes later wanting to cancel the work, but the owner said they already started. He assured me they would do a good job and he it really put me in an uncomfortable position.

All in all, I was charged $692.20 in labor and $432.39 in parts for a grand total of $1,124.59. On top of that, my tuner quoted $653 out the door for the same job.

In addition, $82.60 for a fuel filter swap (I even provided the filter...) Yes, I know that's an easy one but figured it couldn't be too much since they were already under there. To top it off, they scratched my mint RSe12's in a few of the lug holes (had my brakes flushed too but didn't factor that into the numbers I posted).

I'm pretty bummed out, wanted to drop the car and not worry but this really ruined my weekend. Does this not sound a bit excessive to you guys?
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