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Bought my 2012 DSG GTI in December of 2015 with 29,000 miles on it . Water pump failed in 2016 sometime around 40,000 miles. I noticed small amounts of pink coolant on my garage floor two times, checked my reservoir and it was almost to minimum. Called VW, found out the previous original owner already had it replaced under warranty. They did it again under warranty no questions asked and no money. No problems since and I'm coming up on 60k

On a side note, I will say I called a dealer and they refused to look for any recalls and told me they weren't aware of any recalls on the car. They also told me they couldn't access service records from other VW dealerships (which is bullshit). I then hung up on them when they asked if my GTI had a gas or diesel motor....

Called Napleton VW in Sanford, Florida. They took care of looking for all the previous work, printed me a record of my lifetime battery replacement on the car from the previous owner, and were overall AWESOME to deal with. Needless to say, the VERY rare times I need dealership work I bypass two VW dealerships to go to those guys.
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