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Our engine have a huge potential due to the 5 cylinders and his smooth delivery. With an aftermarket intake manifold, the dyno curve become more linear and can reach number near 220bhp.

Now let's say you want to boost it, your car is actually producing 220bhp at 14,7psi which is the atmospheric pressure at sea level. If you boost your car at 10psi, you engine will be running at 24,7psi which is 1.68 times more than 14,7psi, in other words, the car's performance is 1.68 times more than when it was naturally aspirated. 220 • 1,68 give 370bhp.

220bhp @ 14,7psi
370bhp @ 24,7psi (10psi boost)

The drivetrain loss is about 10-15% (37bhp - 55bhp) so theoretically :

~ 315whp to 333whp @ 10psi boost

A GTI boost near 12psi and produce way less than this. Working on a GTI cost less than boosting a 2.5 since the GTI already have the turbo setup, but the 2.5 have way more potential in my opinion and it sounds so good plus it's super reliable and a good platform to work on ! I wouldn't trade my 2.5 for anything else than an other 5cyl such the Audi 2.2L 5cyl turbo
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