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Another interior leak thread

So I got into my car and noticed a bunch of water on the rubber mats. It hadn't rained yesterday when the car was in use, but I figured maybe it dripped in through a bad spot in the weatherseal on the door like it used to a while ago. Well, as I'm driving, water is dripping onto my feet, so I realize it's coming from within the run off drain system somewhere.

I get back home, and open the sunroof fully and pour water down the driver's side, and see it drain off like normal onto the ground below behind the fender wall, but I notice a few drops dripping in from just under the in-dash fuse box as well. I don't want to start pulling everything apart just yet, but I pull off the dash fuse panel and the small trim piece between the hood hatch trim and the a pillar, and water appears to be entering the car from somewhere behind the a-pillar, or at least this is where the water is mostly manifesting itself via the sunroof drain.

How horrific of a fix is this, and is there a DIY to taking off the A-pillar? I assume no screws because the air bag is there, right?
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