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What did you do to your 2.5L Golf today

Havenít posted in awhile - thought Iíd share some news. I have a 2012 MKVI Golf (2.5L), and have done the following mods (AEM short air intake, Integrated Engineering Stage 1 tune, and an AWE cat back.

I was finding the cat back to be unpleasant between 2000-3500 rpms and in some cases it would set off car alarms at work.

Talked to the folks at 425 Motorsports and they were able to fit a Vibrant 3Ē ultra quiet resonator in where the suitcase style muffler was on the stock exhaust.

Super thrilled with the results

$100 parts + 2.5 hrs labor
No more cabin resonating while driving
Smooths out the sound of the engine
Minimal performance loss
Approx 10% louder than stock

If you werenít sure about the cat back, this addition makes it all good. Highly recommend.

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