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I take it back, that portion of the sunroof is not weather sealed, so it leaks if water gets there. However, there shouldn't be any water there unless the drains are plugged up and overwhelmed in a heavy rain. So while the driver's side is passing water just fine, it appears it wasn't passing it quick enough, hence my problem. Not to mention the passenger side is apparently blocked up. I poured hot water mixed with a little CLR/bleach combo and it cleared the sunroof res almost instantly, vs letting it slowly pour out. I'm hoping it's cleared, but I don't see water leaving the passenger side channel.

In fact, I don't see a passenger side drain end point at all. Lifting up the rain tray cowl, I didn't see any nipple at all, vs the one I could visually see on the driver's side. I tried fishing some weed whacker thread into it, but it's not strong enough to move anything, and I am hating the shit out of these A-pillars. What is the proper tool to use to clean these drains? I've been told speedometer cable, etc, but I was also told there was a proper tool, as well...

Is there a way to access the passenger side drain point from the point itself? I really don't want to take the dash apart.
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