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Alright, decided to try the wiper pull.

Wipers came up easy, I sprayed penetrating lube in on the nuts and let it sit for about 15mins. Nuts came off easy, blade arms took a bit of finesse. Came up pretty easy though, unlike what others have claimed. The cowl did give me more fuck-around room without the arms attached, but there was no easy way of taking the cowl out/off. I didn't want to have to fuck with the windshield track or worry about creating another interior leak for myself, so i carefully bent the cowl high enough to get my hand in on both sides to reach the drain nipples.

Driver's side was easy, it's pretty far back, but if you shine a flashlight in there, you can see it, no sweat. Pinched it and got a whole bunch of nasty black shit on my fingers.

The passenger side is a bitch though. There's some sort of heat deflector or shield that shifts air into the ambient/hot air intake for the interior. If you can get leverage, you can unhook it from its housing and slide it a little further over to access the passenger side nipple. I squeeze that one too, and same black gunk. Now both drains are free flowing, and I dumped hot, soapy water down the tracks of both with a little peroxide in it for good measure. Seems fine now.

Cross your fingers, but that seems to have done the trick. I was winging this, so no pics, but I can dig up what I saw if need be.
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