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Originally Posted by Staver View Post
Havenít posted in awhile - thought Iíd share some news. I have a 2012 MKVI Golf (2.5L), and have done the following mods (AEM short air intake, Integrated Engineering Stage 1 tune, and an AWE cat back.

I was finding the cat back to be unpleasant between 2000-3500 rpms and in some cases it would set off car alarms at work.

Talked to the folks at 425 Motorsports and they were able to fit a Vibrant 3Ē ultra quiet resonator in where the suitcase style muffler was on the stock exhaust.

Super thrilled with the results

$100 parts + 2.5 hrs labor
No more cabin resonating while driving
Smooths out the sound of the engine
Minimal performance loss
Approx 10% louder than stock

If you werenít sure about the cat back, this addition makes it all good. Highly recommend.

you got her sorted.

I've helped about 5 people with their 2.5 exhaust, from what I've seen leaving the centre muffler in place is the best thing, it leaves enough back pressure to still results in getting good torque all round.

Adding a GTI Axleback suitcase gives the GTI dual exhaust look but keeps the noise leave civilized (stock quiet).
Adding a 2.5 inch Y pipe and having a shop fab dual exhaust pipes to fit the GTI valance and exhaust hangers, result in same performance as the GTI axle back suitcase but with a bit louder 5 cylinder sounds but without any drone.
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