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Thumbs up ... now for what I did.

My drivers side wheel bearing has been giving signs of failing soon. While driving on a straight section of road, if i turn the steering wheel slightly off center to the right, I can hear a slight howl which goes away when I turn the steering wheel back to the left.

Yesterday knowing that I would be leaving for South Carolina today, I replace the left wheel bearing, if I'd known I would have done the R&R when I replaced the CV boot last August. Once you've done a CV boot on one of these Golfs the wheel bearing is just as easy but not as messy as doing a CV boot. Before removing the Wheel Bearing I could hear noise when rotating the bearing and could feel a bit of roughness. Once I started wacking the bearing with a 4 lbs hammer to get it off the steering knuckle, the bearing started coming apart

New wheel Bearing is super cool and no howl off-center glad I replaced it, now I go full attack mode into corners once again.

EDIT: If I had let the bearing get worst the howl would have gotten worst, usually people think it's their tires that are bad not thinking that the bearings can cause the noise. If it got worst, the bearing would get loose making the tires wear badly and making a good alignment almost impossible.

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