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Originally Posted by tkelly0727 View Post
First off welcome! And she look great btw. For catch can maybe look into the ecs catch can, cheaper and Hyde16 is also running it I believe, which was why I decided to go with the ecs one.
I like ECS's design the best in terms of retaining the factory PCV and factory breather tube assembly to the turbo inlet. Their can baffle is a much better design as it will not become blocked when blowby in the can freezes. The only thing I do not like and agree with is the plug which blocks off the front of the PCV, I still run the vacuum line from the front of the PCV to my Audi all-road manifold. The stock PCV is designed to work with vacuum from the intake manifold. Plugging that with any aftermarket catch can block off will elevate crankcase pressures at idle or off throttle if using the stock PCV.
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