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Celebrating 10 Years of Uber-Stealth Audio

2018 brings with it the 10th anniversary of the founding of Uber-Stealth Audio. From what began as a simple forum post about a speaker box I built for my 2008 GTI, to now having sold over 1400 speaker boxes as been an amazing journey.

To celebrate this, we will be giving away (10) free products this year. Follow us on facebook to see more details about the giveaways.

Also to celebrate this, I am cracking open the vaults and pulling out some pics and details of some of the more original builds we have done over the years, and other goodies. I will try to post some here on my thread, but most will be over on my blog on the Uber-Stealth site.

Also, some prices have been adjusted. Some went up, most went down. Just adjusted for shipping costs.

Also, a new referral program will be starting soon. You can get cash money just by getting people to purchase a box. You don't even have to be a previous customer. Details should be posted tonight or tomorrow.

Check back often to see new entries about the history of of Uber-Stealth Audio.
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