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Uber-Stealth Audio Referral Reward Program

Uber-Stealth Audio is starting a referral reward program (again). I have tried this several times over the years, and it has never took off the way I hoped. That is why I have made a few adjustments and hope to see it take off for our 10 year anniversary. For the first time, I am opening the program up to NON CUSTOMERS! That means, even though you may have never bought anything from me, you can still get paid by me! So let's get to the details!

1. When YOU refer a customer, they will receive a 7.5% discount, and YOU will receive 7.5% of the purchase price via paypal to the email I have on file for you.
2. When placing an order, there will be a spot for customers to enter in a "referral email address." This is where the customer will enter in YOUR email address that you want the paypal referral reward sent to.
3. The customer will receive the 7.5% discount as a refund once the referral email is verified. The referer (YOU) will receive your referral reward once the product ships. This keeps me from paying out rewards on canceled orders.
4. If you purchased from Uber-Stealth Audio in the last 2 years, you don't need to do much. If your have NEVER purchased from Uber-Stealth Audio, or it was over 2 years ago, sent me a quick message using the contact form on the website letting me know you are going to refer people and what email you will be using.
5. There is NO LIMIT on how many referrals you can make. Also, I don't care if you and a buddy get together and refer each other just to get a discount. Please feel free to get group buys together, or local VW clubs, or get on other forums and promote the site. Every time someone enters in your email you make MONEY!
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