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Originally Posted by aj_law View Post
You misunderstood. The insurance company doesn't waive the deductible. They offer a zero deductible glass coverage option. You have to elect it. The premium cost difference between zero deductible and $250 or $500 glass deductible is negligible. I think it was something like $3 more a month for me. Plus, most windshields are less than $500 to replace so it doesn't make any sense at all to pay for a deductible for this coverage.

I guess most people just aren't aware of this option...and I'm sure that's just how insurance companies like it...
Agreed, I don't think most people are aware . I have the coverage elected through USAA and have used it once so far . I'm about to use it again . Zero detectable and hassle free . I went to the glass shop that already had a windshield for my car , they called up my insurance and told them it needed replaced and it was done . My rate didn't increase either and I've never heard of anyone's for using their insurance to replace a windshield . Auto accidents yes , windshields no .
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