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Originally Posted by Pre95 View Post
I think one big key thing no one has touched on thus far is vehicles ARE ENGINEERED TO FAIL within a "reasonable" amount of time. This "reasonable" lifespan has gotten shorter over the years...

Auto manufacturers didn't look at failure rates as a new car sales figure to bank on thanks to all of these great analytical economic advisers we have nowadays.. you know, the kinds that came up with "dead peasant insurance" policies on their employees.

At the end of the day, you can tell from a mile away that newer vehicles are NOT built for a 10+ year ownership. Plastic molded key components such as entire intake manifolds, rotating assemblies and making everything a single bundled part number. If that doesn't worry you, the fact that they have chosen to omit gaskets and simply glue half of the engine together should be another red flag that it's probably not the type of engineering that was thought for longevity or the ability to easily maintain. Why though?

Used cars. For years the used car market has driven CONSIDERABLY more sales then new vehicles on car lots, and it still does today but for how long? Think of it from a manufacturers perspective, right now the models you sold 5-10 years ago are outselling your new stuff... What if we just make it so in 5-10 years our old stuff won't be such a contender?

My .02
That's an interesting take on it, what you see as being engineered to fail i personally see as being engineered to be more efficient. Just because for the past 30+ years cars have been made with aluminum components such as water pumps and intake manifolds there is no reason why they can't be made from plastic. Technology changes, and parts are re-engineered to be more efficient.
Thats why we are starting to see 400hp 4 cylinder engines now that get 30mpg. I do agree though that while cars become more efficient they do become more complex and basic maintenance will become harder and harder.
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