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Originally Posted by Jeffs2013GTI View Post
This is a very touchy subject, and very subjective one.

Everyone has his or her own experiences that sway our opinions on "reliabilty".

So here goes mine. Take this from a guy that has purchased about 20 cars of various brands and makes.

I have had issues with almost every car I have owned. Each car and car manufacturer has their own "Quirks" so to speak. I will give some examples:

I had a 2004 Toyota Matrix XRS that I bought new. Biggest piece of crap car I have owned. It rattled like a beer can with coins in it every time I drove it, I would shift gears and the little storage bin below the shifter would pop open with every shift so I would always keep the bin open. I can write a book on this car. Mechanically though was ok, everything else was garbage.

Had a 98 Neon I bought new, ran like a champ till the temp gauge began to go crazy. Took it to the dealer they said it had a blown head gasket, they fixed it and the car ran like s h i t after so I sold it.

Had a 84 Corolla (mind you this car was about 8 yrs old at the time) fuse block fried leaving me stranded at 2am in the middle of the ghetto. No Fun.

Had a 91 GMC Sonoma I bought new, would pop out of gear on its own, throw out bearing failed with like 1500 miles on it, wouldn't start on cold mornings.

91 Civic Hatch I bought new, had a faulty fuel filter from the factory which caused the car to stall and run like crap.

2011 Hyundai Sonata SE, boy I had issues with this car. Navigation would just shot off whenever it felt like it, power seat wouldn't work, had 4 Passenger ABS sensors replaced, had 3 Brake Sensors replaced, had drivers seat lumbar support (power) break and dealer wouldn't replace the seat said it was "normal" geeze, push button start wouldn't work left me stranded several times due to this and it was NEW.

2012 Hyundai Sonata GLS (wifes) Bluetooth failed module replaced 6 times, Shark Fin antenna seal failed causing water to ruin the headliner (dealer said it was our fault what a joke) Steering coupler failed, metal shavings found in oil complete Engine Replaced under warranty. Again, we bought this car NEW.

I mean I can literally go on for days here.

The GTI is my first "German" car. My folks told me not to buy it. "VW's are not reliable cars" is what I heard from them (though my Dad has my Grand Dads 1960 VW Bug Convertible that is on its Original Engine, Transmission and to this day some 50+ yrs later STILL runs like a sewing machine). I have had the water pump issues with my GTI, since it left the factory I am on my 4th one. The last one was installed about 2 yrs ago with the most up to date one, have not had an issue since.

I am concerned about the Timing Chain Tensioner though. My car was produced in June 2012 and though I have no symptoms of anything, but I dont like the idea it can just go at any time. I called up some dealers they want about $1800 to do the job. Something VW should be paying for in my book.

I think the GTI is a very well built car. We have to remember though these cars are fairly expensive here in the USA, these are Golfs and are on the lower end of the VW spectrum. I mean its just above a Polo for goodness sakes. So though the car feels "Premium:" compared to a Civic or Corolla it is in that range of cars.

One thing I have noticed though is how the GTI drives. I have owned 4 Lancer Evos an 8, 2 9's and a 10. The GTI feels as good going down the road as the Evo did. Not until your hitting a corner at high speed due you see where the Evo excels over the GTI. Off the line? Thats a given the GTI is FWD. But what I am saying is, the driving dynamics of this car are VERY good for a car in this price point and will give you a good chassis to work with.

Motor wise though? I am on the fence. Lots of plastic on parts that hold boost that could fail. Intake manifold, boost pipes, DV I mean wow crazy. That just is what new cars are doing to save weight I guess who knows.

So to make a long story longer, no car is perfect. If you want a perfect car? Dont buy anything because there isn't a such thing. All cars are poor investments (some exceptions but as a general rule) you will lose your A S S on whatever you buy.

It is best to just buy something you like and hold onto it. Know that parts fail, things break, its a car. To say VW is not "Reliable" though is very subjective. Do I think Hyundai isn't reliable? I had ALL kinds of issues with Hyundai, but I still think they build decent cas (never thought I would say that) but they do. I think VW is just as good as anything else on the road and is more fun to drive than most.

Take that for what its worth....(trying to keep this short, but not doing a good job)


I've had 5 brand new cars and 19 others in my short time on this earth. I can agree with your perspective on the post you made, all cars have issues. Some of them more annoying than others but they ALL have issues.

I had a suzuki aerio back in 06, brand new, went through four engines under warranty haha
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