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Originally Posted by DUBPL8 View Post
Normally I would say R32 GTR, but you better get yourself a pristine example of one. R32 GTR's are money pits, about on the same level as an E30 M3 I would say. Pains me to say it because I fancy R32 GTR's, but given the number of janky-ass R-grade examples that get brought in to the states by scrupulous importers I've had a change of heart on them.

At least with the MK7.5R you wouldn't be subjected to the infamous passenger dash bubble nor would you suffer from rust issues.

Ironic that I'm saying this since I hate VW, but gotta call a spade a spade here. In any case, hope OP finds a Grade 4 or higher R32 GTR soon.

Speaking of JDM cars, I'm bringing an old man Toyota stateside in the next few weeks:

Yup, just another Camry.
What are the deets on this guy? How much is it going to cost you to bring a 2jz sleeper over or is it a 1jz? This interests me.
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