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Originally Posted by DarienMidnight View Post
There is an idiot debating with me about this on YouTube ... saying my stage 2 mk6 gti can't Touch his Stock 4.2 v8 s5. When in fact it isn't even That fast .
Stage 2 should hang with a stock S5. From a roll it might be even, from a dig a stage 2 gti should pull slightly until you get above 80-90.

I'd call that touching, IMO. I never ran an S5, but I ran a '12 335 sedan which is pretty identical from 0-60 and 1/4, from a roll. I had 4 people in the car, he had one passenger, and it was pretty much dead even with me pulling slightly at the beginning and then him holding steady after we hit 90.
So maybe driver vs driver, you might pull slightly more than I did, but I don't know that you would put more than a car or two on it before 90, depends where you start from.

If your GTI weighs 3034lbs, has 280 crank (approximate stage 2 crank figures), and he's at 3891lbs and has 354 crank, you've got the better hp to weight ratio by 0.16lbs/hp or something like that, which is essentially a toss up.

I could be wrong, all anecdotal based on what I've experienced.
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