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Originally Posted by syonxwf View Post
At least he kept it in a relevant thread? Lol.
Very true!

Originally Posted by syonxwf View Post
I found that video myself, the guy on there says he has an S5 with a 4.2 and a GTI, and that anyone who believes any GTI can beat the v8 in that S5 is delusional.

I couldn't help but laugh at that, dude has no idea how much power these cars can make. Or he is a huge troll...I haven't decided yet.
Dude, you can't even argue with people like that. Their basic thought process: bigger engine means automatic win. I knew a girl that had an 05' 300C (5.7 Hemi) and swore up and down she'd smoke my GTI. I walked her all the way to 80 from a dig. When the race was over, she was pissed. However, I then pointed out that her car was about 1,000 lbs heavier, automatic, and on really bad rubber.

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