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All good projects come to a head at some point, would be willing to part my full car. There are a few items I may hold onto for a few but just about everything is up for grabs. Including fueling parts also have a set of cams currently in for a regrind so if someone wants lets talk and we can work out a change of hands on that.

I will need to have committed buyers for a certain dollar mount with deposits before I go into a full part. but basically if engine, trans and turbo kit go (or any combo of the 2 it will happen).

Or just buy the whole car done and working and cheaper than you can do it lol.

PM me for details please, more you buy we can work out packages

Engine - Proven to over 550tq and over 600hp, 50k on it, 180 compression all across (1-2 psi deviation that's it!), Iabed rear main seal, IE Rods, Farrea +1mm valves, Farrea TI springs and retainers, Vacuum pump delete. Complete long block would come with a brand new timing refresh kit all guides and chains and tensioners and tool kit to install, no oil cooler, no oil pan, no pcv, no fueling all will be separate.

Turbo kit - Complete 6062 gen2 twin scroll kit, all piping, IC and intake, Synapse DV valve w/ boost tap and AN lines to fit, down pipe, Twin MVS Tial gates and Swain Tech coated. Clears all awd and fwd setups. Turbo is new less that 4k on it and maybe 15 passes on the track. Oil lines includes and steel oil pan. Includes AN boost controller lines also.

Trans - Full DQ500 AWD swap with external cooling, Trans, axles, engine bracket, starter, flywheel for 8 bolt (if you have 6 bolt I can get you a flywheel that will work) Mocal external pump with AN lines and temp controlled relay for turn on and off, and shifter. This is the shorter gearing, TTRS is longer this trans is faster. We still hit over 200mph on the dyno in 6th. DQ500 also has real LC. Tune will be OEM, we can talk upon purchase and setup with a UNI tune if desired.

Fuel - Uni injectors with Uni beta HPFP and line and modified fuel rail, hard line across engine included

Catch can with pcv

Divorced oil cooler kit


Billet machined oil pan

Vacuum pump

Harness you would need to work it out but ill provide what I have for diagram/list.

Water meth kit aquamist HFS-4 with DPI and intake manifold

Bigger TB - $100 buy that right away

AWD swap interior and more

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