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Mismatch Front and Rear Tires

So I need new front tires. I plan on going with Continental ExtremeContact Sport w/ stock specs, so 225/40ZR18. Currently I have Continental ControlContact Sport A/S, which were on the car when I got it 30k mi ago. My rears still have a ton of life left 8/32 and 10/32. If I were to change only the fronts, what are the downsides? (The two tires are identical in load index, size, and speed rating)
Is anyone running mismatched fronts and rears? I realize this isn't advisable, but just looking for peoples experiences or opinions.

Current Tire:

New Tire:

I don't mind getting a full set and more than likely will, just wondering if it's truly necessary on a fwd platform. Thanks for any insight.
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