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If the noise remains the same regardless of changes in road surface (for example moving from a newly laid surface to old) itís likely the bearings, as mentioned above loading and unloading either side of the car by snaking/swerving while driving will help diagnose a failed bearing and its position, the only real way to limit tyre noise is to rotate them regularly! Ignore any dB rating stated for the tyre as it is not regulated and is purely a manufacturer rating (as are the wet grip and fuel efficiency ratings), the quietest tyres (particularly on the rear due to the camber) are tyres with a solid band on the inner side of the inner tread blocks, directional tyres and tyres with large, split tread blocks on the inner edge are the worst for noise, having said that Asymmetric tyres with a small or joined inner tread block are obviously going to be the quietest.

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