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Upgraded shocks/struts with H&R springs

Hi guys,

Wanted to get your advice on which route I should take to fix my suspension. I installed H&R lowering springs on my car about ~6 months ago. It's my first lowered car so I wanted to go with a moderate drop which is why I chose lowering springs over coilovers. The ride quality wasn't affected immediately, but over time it has become really bouncy, intolerable, and sometimes dangerous so I think it's time to upgrade my shocks/struts or switch to coilovers.

1) If I'm content with my current drop, would simply upgrading my shocks/struts solve my problem of a bouncy ride, or would I need to switch to coilovers? Both performance and comfort are important to me, but if i had to pick one, it would be comfort.

2) If I go shocks/struts route, it sseems like Bilstein and Konis are the brands most recommend. I have done extensive research into both and I think I want to go with Koni STR.T's. For what I'm trying to do, would these be appropriate or do you recommend the Bilstein B8s or Koni Yellows/FSD?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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