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Originally Posted by zsm722 View Post
This update worked for me as well! I have the same unit described by Simba92.

It looks like the wetransfer link is dead now, but I have uploaded it myself, hopefully it stays up. Follow the instructions above.
Just wanted to bump this link because I was able to use it to update the firmware on my no-name unit. I also ran into the “Variant Conflict Error”, so I used the 5515 update from the link below and then downgraded to 5314.

I also thought that it'd be helpful to list out the pros and cons since updating my firmware. The cons aren't dealbreakers IMHO.

  • Swapped out Baidu CarLife for Android Auto
  • Red accents instead of yellow accents
  • The post-Siri/phone call volume jump seems to be addressed, but I also adjusted the max volume and voice command (I think that's what it's called) levels under Settings > Sound

  • No more EQ options to choose from
  • Inconsistent accent color in the Settings menu — some are yellow/orange and some are green
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