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Originally Posted by HetfieldInc View Post
Damn. It looks like the one I ordered ďdesayĒ manufacturer doesnít have any firmware upgrades so I canít add android auto, which isnít a big deal since I use iPhone.

The only thing that I would have done is upgrade to the red theme so that all the screens better match the interior. I saw the red theme on

Anyone know why there isnít any firmware for the desay model?
I have the same unit. I believe the reason there are no firmware updates to the Desay model is because it runs on WindowsCE, whereas the other no-name models run Linux.

My Desay unit definitely has its issues. Periodic reboots in cold weather. "Baidu Car Life" option when phone is plugged in (useless). Bluetooth recognizes the phone quickly, but playing music can take a while. My CarPlay disconnects from the phone periodically (I still need to try a different cable).
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